Is addiction good or bad? What the HELL this is in the first place? Just some chemical formula modifications in the brain? Then how can people get over it? HOW do you get over it? Do you actually get over your addiction or just simply shift it from one thingContinue Reading

Hello everyone! I’ve got something new and better, just for your beautiful body. Regardless of the time, you might be reading this, there’s ought to be morning somewhere in this big bad wolf of a world. This morning tea recipe is just perfect to start your day. The ingredients addedContinue Reading

Stress can give you a headache, bright lights from TV screens, phone screens, banging your head on something, etcetera, guess what! Your boyfriend or girlfriend can also be a headache, even your mama(just kidding). So headaches will come. Now you know how they come, it’s also good to know howContinue Reading