soothing morning tea :)

Hello everyone!

I’ve got something new and better, just for your beautiful body. Regardless of the time, you might be reading this, there’s ought to be morning somewhere in this big bad wolf of a world. This morning tea recipe is just perfect to start your day.

The ingredients added together are great for your metabolism and flushing out your stomach to start fresh. So stay healthy and follow the recipe below:

  • water – 1 ltr
  • finely chopped ginger – 5 to 6 (3mm wide slices chopped)

(Truth be told, I love the texture and taste of ginger so I add a lot but if you are someone who is not very keen towards its taste then you can reduce the amount, don’t reduce too much because it’s important.)

  • lemon – 1 whole (slices)
  • cinnamon – 2 tsp
  • jasmine/chamomile tea – 4 tea bags
  • black tea – 1 tea bag

Directions: Put the water to boil and add all the ingredients together. Do squeeze the lemon slices before dropping it in the water. 😉

When it has come to a boil, pour it in your cup and let the rest of your remainder aside. You can then reheat it and use it for however long you want. Now if you are someone who likes it a little sweet then you can always add some honey (preferably) as per your taste or some sugar.

*Honey also helps boost your metabolism.

I hope you all enjoy this delicious tea and stay healthy!

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