Maybe Just A Dream

As we’d been driving for seven hours on the black road of the night, I looked at the the lights ahead at a far distance through which we we’d definitely drive through. I looked at it bewildered, hoping to not reach there, praying harder than ever for the dark to stay. Although however beautiful a string of lights in the night sky looked I still didn’t want to go there. I didn’t want that peaceful sight of nothingness to be over, or maybe I just didn’t want to go into the light, I guess I just didn’t want to wake up.
What if the hell I’m living in isn’t a dream, I would very much like to think it is and that I would wake up one day and something better will be waiting for me. I’ve heard that this would be death. But I am not talking about that because even after death there is a 50-50 chance of hell and heaven. Truth be told, I don’t want heaven, I just want THIS to be over whatever this is. If I die here maybe I’ll die in reality too, or maybe this is reality I just don’t know anymore.

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