How to cure headaches naturally.

Stress can give you a headache, bright lights from TV screens, phone screens, banging your head on something, etcetera, guess what! Your boyfriend or girlfriend can also be a headache, even your mama(just kidding). So headaches will come.

Now you know how they come, it’s also good to know how they go, in a very natural way, so this saves you money, and stress all together. And aside from that, you don’t always have to use drugs for every little problem. And that’s what I’m going to teach you.

  • Use Menthol.

This is one of the fastest way to cure a headache, you can do that by simply inhaling it, make sure you feel it through your brain, you’d have to inhale for 5-7 seconds or more, if you’re good at that. You can also rub it along your hair line and your forehead, if it is liquid. It’d make you sweat and that has a way of relieving you of that headache.

  • Use ice-blocks or cold liquids.

When we have a headache, the veins in our heads pumps really fast, you can confirm that whenever you have a headache, so that explains why you need some cooling. Your blood pressure needs to go slow, this can be done by drinking cold water, cold orange juice etcetera or simply by placing an ice-block, on your forehead or at the back of your neck. Make sure you wrap the ice-block in a towel to minimize the coldness or in a plastic bag to control the water dripping from it.

  • Take your rest.

Some headaches are induced by stress, lack of sleep, still stress, you can not cheat nature, you need to give it back what you took. So you’d simply put your pajamas on, climb up to your bed and sleep or relax with some cool music, like Yanni, Enya, Nina Simone etcetera, just do som’n that requires practically zero effort. Make sure to put on the air conditioner, if it’s hot, it’d help a lot.

If a headache persists after these methods or for three days, you should have to see a doctor, it might be a symptom of a real illness. And of course, there are many other ways to cure a headache. 😉

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