“Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream…” Hello there, You! Have you ever thought about this nursery rhyme when you got older? Doesn’t it just feel like a nostalgic poem? Yet it can give you goosebumps once you focusContinue Reading

Is addiction good or bad? What the HELL this is in the first place? Just some chemical formula modifications in the brain? Then how can people get over it? HOW do you get over it? Do you actually get over your addiction or just simply shift it from one thingContinue Reading

Hello there somebody! Well I’m sure by now you must have figured out that I don’t know jack shite about how to do this thing. This whole website and blogging shit. I started this because I like to write, although I do not like to share but still I likeContinue Reading

As we’d been driving for seven hours on the black road of the night, I looked at the the lights ahead at a far distance through which we we’d definitely drive through. I looked at it bewildered, hoping to not reach there, praying harder than ever for the dark toContinue Reading

Hey guys, So, I was with Kanza Jamil the other day. She was, honestly, torn within herself. Well to be completely honest, her brain is really an asshole to her, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t. Thus, as science suggests, opposites attract and similar repel so we can’t really argueContinue Reading