There is a new drama series that aired on CW quite recently and let’s just say it gained a lot of reviews. This new drama series is another spin-off from the “Arrow-verse”. For those of you not familiar with the term, “Arrow” is a well-known drama series based on a DC Comics’ character and a lot of other spin-offs initiated from this series and are hence known as a part of “Arrow-verse”. “The Flash”, “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Supergirl” are a few of its famous franchises. But recently they started a new show called “Batwoman”.
Now Batwoman is another one of DC’s creation which gained a lot of popularity in comics, mostly because of the homosexual nature of the main character and its amazing background story. Though it holds quite a prestigious status in comics and animation, A lot of people are very displeased at seeing its portrayal in live-action.
As mentioned above, the paramount dislike is not directed towards the character but the portrayal of it. To better understand it’s nature, let me first tell you about its origin. Since this character is based on comics it has many different versions, one of which is this.
The story is basically about a daughter of an army soldier named Kate Kane, who is kidnapped along with her mother and twin sister, by the enemies of her father. When her father arrives to rescue them, things go sideways and her sister and mother are shot to death. Kate grows up traumatized and grieving her loss while planning vengeance for the likes of people who did her wrong. She works hard, studies and gets enrolled in the military. Although she is one of the best officers there, she eventually gets obsessed with her past trauma and trying to catch anyone involved in that incident that she has to be kicked off the force. Upon being dishonorably discharged Kate starts to lose herself. Due to her unstable state, she nearly gets mugged by a street thug but is saved by batman. From that day onwards she decides she will never again that helpless and so she dawns an armor, engraved with a known sigil and sets off on to her crusade.
Now the story portrayed in the series is something along with this one. In the series, they showed that Kate is Bruce’s cousin and the death of her mother and sister was an accident, which was also somewhat batman’s fault. The story then goes on about how batman and Bruce go missing and how Kate connects the dots thus proceeding her cousin’s crusade.
The people who are more familiar with the comics can better tell if the said series is based on any of its version but in any case, the paramount dislike towards the show isn’t based on its deviation from the original plot. Its more to do with what it represents. For example, Kate is related to Bruce somewhat renders the idea that anyone can be a savior of the day as long as they are willing to stand up against the unjust. Now Batman is one of the all-time famous characters since its creation, with its humongous fan base due to its ever so captivating story and background. By relating Kate to this character and portraying that she received the same methods of training as him, contradicts with the idea of an independent female superhero. It shows that everything she has is what’s been left to her by the ever so great, the one and only hero of the city, therefore overshadowing her efforts to become who she is. Not to mention that the best part about wearing the Bat sigil isn’t about how much resources someone has, it’s about that even when they don’t have any sort of super skill, they’re still ready to fight against what’s wrong. Everything else is damned.
Even in this era misogyny still exists. Its already very difficult for women to be taken seriously, so when people see something like this, it’s rather discouraging. So all that criticism isn’t meant for the character but on how it’s being demeaned. In shows like this, the attention is somehow always diverted towards the male alter ego, how everything is okay because they came back. We need more media content where this doesn’t happen. We need an original strong female character who has the strength, bravery and brilliance are of her own learning experiences, not a fabricated version of what’s already there.

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