B-rack in the C-one.

Woman silhouette

She fell–

Fe mi, she cried:
Tears from the well of her heart,
Her lips turned pale,
The breeze that blew her were little-
But she shook,
Her hands quaver,
For she grew cold-
Her eyes ceaselessly chants weakness –
Adam left,

Her soul, body and spirit were sold-
He drank every drop of bliss-
Dawn and dusk,
Her round breasts gave him pleasure,
The earth she lived in,
Revolved round him-
Her empty mind was filled with his name-
Her breath smelled his scent;
But, he left;

Her demon whispered hate into her ears,
She waged war against love,
Her lips were broken-
Thence came out fiery spells of hate-
Stones and thorns guarded her heart,
She will never love again–
She claimed;

She was now strong,
or so she thought,
But she will fall again-
Yes, she will fall in love again,
There’s a crack in her bone.

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