Is addiction good or bad? What the HELL this is in the first place? Just some chemical formula modifications in the brain? Then how can people get over it? HOW do you get over it? Do you actually get over your addiction or just simply shift it from one thing to another? WHY do we get addicted? Does it really HELP? Wouldn’t it be just so much easier if only we had answers to these?

You know, I’ve “heard” that the chemical formula (hormones) released in a, e.g; heroin, addicted and love-struck brain are the same. Personally, that could also be a reason how people get over their substance abuse addiction with the help of someone they love.

“Why do we get addicted”: My point of view.

So, I think that people are just merely looking for a constant in their life. A constant to hold on to in the chaos of life. Something that stays unchanged and makes us feel like, “no matter what happens, THIS will always stay with me”, it’s something you can always turn to and be yourself with even if it kills you (you mostly resort to it BECAUSE you feel like you’re already dying so that bit sort of concerns everybody else around you but you yourself at that moment). According to this theory, I’ve somewhat managed to understand seemingly absurd addictions such as bleach, non-alcoholic drinks, digestion pills, etc. The things that are apparently non-addictive.

I was just researching on this topic a bit more when I came across a psychology professor who explained another aspect. The cigarette smokers, most of them complain about how the after taste and smell are absolutely disgusting but they still can’t quit the habit. According to my understanding, the professor explained it a bit like, and I totally agree; that you find yourself unable to dissociate yourself from smoking BECAUSE you are trying to dissociate yourself. Let me try to explain to the best of my ability. Your brain refuses to let go because you think you need it but it knows you don’t. Every time you light a ciggy with the intent of it being either last or one of the last few because you will either quit it permanently or are simply not allowed to smoke yet. In that case, you build up a certain amount of anxiety to put you in a state of unease then you take in the first puff. After that puff, your mind comes to a state of rest, your battle with your brain for holding back your desire is finally over and you have lost, a loss that is disguised as freedom. So despite its awful taste and smell, you can’t quit it.

And just to put it out there, when you absolutely hate the taste and smell but still wanna get addicted, you will not get addicted. You won’t get addicted when you want to. That sucks, to be honest.

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