Morning makes me wonder,
Night makes me slumber,
Like what lies beyond,
But wait, beyond what?
Like are we really living,
Are we really not?
This makes me so confused,
Is it really of any use?

We’ve all had a beginning,
But I wanna visit Beijing.
Who am I,
What am I?
Okay let’s see,
Is it possible that you could be me?
I don’t know if people get it,
I am tired of getting along pretending it.

Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
The diamonds, oh my my,
do YOU see that woman pry?
For God’s sake it’s my life.
Is there any escape?
I am losing all my light.

What do I hear, it gets me confused
Please don’t cry, it’s of no use.
Try to think something pretty,
Like the amount of wasted tissue?
Something that you enjoy,
I wonder what is joy.

Wonder wonder wonder,
She was struck by thunder.
You mean thor?
What a blissful imagination u have,
Leave it be, that’s all I can have.
Now you just sound sad,
That’s how you stay glad.
That wondrous morning and that sound night,
They are some things that are out of my might,
You talk about some things that you don’t understand,
Tell me about your lost light,
When was it last bright.

Story of my life,
Story of your life,
Are they always gonna be a story
Or will I too ever shine.

They tell me I’m lost,
I’m just still paying the cost,
Cost of what I wonder,
You’ve been through a lot they mumble.
But it’s okay they say,
How can I believe they’ll stay.

Get me a glass of water,
My imagination’s a bit waver,
Pardon me as it was supposed to be a happy song,
I guess I really am just a lost cause.

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