A fool?

Hello there somebody!

Well I’m sure by now you must have figured out that I don’t know jack shite about how to do this thing. This whole website and blogging shit.

I started this because I like to write, although I do not like to share but still I like to write and I thought that maybe I should give sharing a chance. Then I found a friend who gave me this idea of creating a website, that friend is hella good at writing though, so yeah. Initially I was to join that friend but then I happened to share that with my cousins. We are like soul sisters. One of them has a passion for writing, similar to this other friend I just mentioned. My other cousin suggested that I should include my cousin writer with me in this quest with my writer friend. Then I got confused because the website my writer friend started was his hard work and then asking my friend for letting my cousin in it too? Didn’t quite feel right because even I wasn’t so sure about my own position there. So I kinda separated my way and created this website, I then asked my writer friend to join me and they did, but my writer cousin was never interested in this and I forced her into this, that’s why I don’t ask her for much but writing alone kinda doesn’t give me that motivation I guess.

I am not alone though, my writer friend still helps me but when it was going to be my friend and I then I think I shouldn’t have bothered about my cousin in the first place. Now she might feel like she gotta do something and I feel bad for her feeling that way, cuz she going through some shit too but who isn’t. So in short, its all kinda messed up.

But my mistake here was that I should’ve taken an advice or a suggestion as that, not as an order or command. I am so gullible and stupid.

Anyhow, life can delt you any card and you better make the best of it. I just heard this quote in an anime yesterday and I really like it, so I thought why not share it. Anyway, my cousin and friend are both more into making money out of this but that was never my intention or primary goal as such, to be honest at this rate that seems impossible too😂.

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